Lasting Impressions

A conference paper delivered at the EAA 2022 in Budapest focused on the Xeros River Valley and on introducing LOGGIA


3 September 2022


Within Session 284 – Visualizing, Interpreting, and Presenting Archaeological Sites to the Public, organised by Ben Thomas and Sofia Fonseca, Francesco Ripanti presented the paper Lasting impressions: presenting archaeological sites of the Xeros River Valley (Cyprus) through 3D models and augmented reality, co-authored with Giorgos Papantoniou, Athanasios Vionis, Andreas Lanitis, and Eleftherios Ioannou.

The presentation focuses on the evaluation of the UnSaLa-CY app, developed within the framework of the Unlocking the Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus research project. The app narrates the evolution of the surrounding landscape and the fate of pre-modern monuments and archaeological sites in the Xeros River valley (Larnaca District), serving as a guided tour for visitors of the area. Introducing the future steps of the community archaeology project, Francesco introduced the LOGGIA project to the audience.


Budapest, European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting


This session focusing on interpretation and presentation at the European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting was the perfect venue where to introduce LOGGIA and the Xeros River Valley, one of the two case studies of the project. The audience (50-70 people) showed interest in archaeology and wellbeing, asking some questions on the topic.