Fotografare l’abbandono

A lecture on archaeology and wellbeing introducing the Cypriot programme ΑρχαιοΛογικά to students of the postgraduate school of archaeology of the University of Siena


23 April 2024


Francesco Ripanti presented Fotografare l’abbandono: archeologia per il benessere nella Xeros Valley (Larnaca, Cipro), reporting the preliminary results of the wellbeing ‘ΑρχαιοΛογικά’ programme, delivered in the Xeros Valley (Larnaca district) in November 2023.


Online, guest lecture for the module “Archeologia, Diplomazia e Cooperazione Internazionale of the Postgraduate school in archaeology of the University of Siena.


Invited by Prof. Luca Bombardieri, the lecture has been a very good opportunity to present LOGGIA to the archaeologists of the postgraduate school in archaeology of the University of Siena (about 15, online). Francesco received questions and remarks on issues of impact assessment and project design.

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