ArcheologicaMente: archaeology for wellbeing in Italy

ArcheologicaMente was an archaeology and wellbeing programme that took place between 8 September and 14 October 2023 in Riotorto, Tuscany (Italy).

The programme combined archaeology, nature and creativity: the aim was to restore a footpath leading to the unexcavated remains of Vignale Castle, located in a very scenic position on top of a hill. Participants included associations and residents of the village of Riotorto, some archaeology students from the University of Siena and users of the local Mental Health Unit. These different groups worked together in activities organised into eight sessions, including the cleaning of some parts of the Vignale Castle and the creation of three information panels and signs to indicate the path.

The approach of the ArcheologicaMente programme is that archaeology can be an excuse to spend a few hours together, to make the participants feel better and to meet the needs of the different groups involved. The associations and residents of Riotorto now have a renovated path to reach the castle, with information on the panels. Users of the Mental Health Unit have had the opportunity to support their recovery process through contact with other people, learning new skills and physical activity.

The LOGGIA project organised ArcheologicaMente with the Mental Health Unit of the Azienda Nord-Ovest Piombino, the Pubblica Assistenza Riotorto and the Culture and Dance Association Riolab.

Both the GPS track and the information panels are available online!

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