Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) is recognised internationally as Ireland’s leading university and is ranked in 98st position in the world by the QS World University Rankings 2023. Founded in 1592, the University is steeped in history with a reputation for excellence in education, research and innovation and it is located on an iconic campus in the heart of Dublin’s city centre.

TCD is LOGGIA’s host institution, with the research activity based at the Department of Classics. Three interdisciplinary TCD’s Centres – the Medical and Health Humanities Initiative, the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute (TLRH) – cover LOGGIA’s main topics and can provide the necessary expertise to provide guidance to the research.

Department of Classics

The Department of Classics is ranked 45th in the world by the QS World University Rankings 2023. Within the Department, the Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (MNES) aims to explore the cultural dialogue and interchange in antiquity between East and West within the regions of the Mediterranean and Near East. These interactions and the reception of the cultural relationships thus

formed, have continued to shape the identities of the Mediterranean and European region from antiquity right into the modern age. The Centre thus aims to participate not just in the academic reappraisal of the shared cultural heritage of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds, but also in the contemporary political, cultural and religious discussions affecting East-West relations today.

Trinity Long Room Hub

The Department of Classics participates in the activities of the Trinity Long Room Hub (TLRH), TCD’s research institute for the Arts and Humanities, established in 2006. The institute is dedicated to advancing Trinity College Dublin’s rich tradition of research excellence in the Arts and Humanities, on an individual, collaborative and inter-disciplinary basis. LOGGIA will be able to use TLRH world class conference and meeting facilities for the organisation of events and to draw on the expertise of its staff for the implementation of the project.

Trinity College Dublin Medical and Health Humanities Initiative

Trinity College Dublin Medical and Health Humanities Initiative (MHHI) aims to cultivate a richer understanding of the interactions and synergies between practices and discourses of wellness, health or medicine and the arts, humanities or culture through interdisciplinary research and education. It brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines including history, philosophy, sociology, health sciences, cultural studies, arts, and literature.

Medical and health humanities seek to provide insights into the cultural and social contexts within which diverse but interrelated concerns such as the human condition, the individual experience of illness and suffering, and the way medicine is (or was) practiced, might be understood. MHHI will support LOGGIA in integrating disability studies literature in the project and in will provide guidance on how to include vulnerable groups in fieldwork activities.