Here you find all about LOGGIA team members and their different roles in the project

Scientific coordinator

Francesco Ripanti

Trinity College Dublin

Francesco Ripanti is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at Trinity College Dublin (Department of Classics). His research covers several themes related to public participation in archaeology, heritage and museum studies. His PhD research in public archaeology (University of Pisa, 2019) proposes an operational workflow for evaluating public participation in excavation-based projects, applying it in three Italian case studies. Greatly interested in the application of storytelling in archaeology, he authored short videos set at the Roman site of Vignale (Italy), short stories about 25 objects exhibited at Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche (Ancona, Italy) and for a digital storytelling prototype at the Ancient Agora of Athens (Greece). He is blogger for Archeokids.


Giorgos Papantoniou

Trinity College Dublin

Giorgos Papantoniou is Assistant Professor in Ancient Visual and Material Culture. He is the co-director of the archaeological surface survey project ‘Settled and Sacred Landscapes of Cyprus’ (SeSaLaC) in the Xeros River Valley in Cyprus and coordinator of the international research network ‘Unlocking Sacred Landscapes’ (UnSaLa). He is Founder and President of the Huntington’s Disease Association of Cyprus, member of the European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) Programme committee, member of the Board of the European Huntington’s Disease Association and ambassador of employing culture in the service of disability studies through the organisation of public events. He provides advice to the Fellow as supervisor.


Christine Morris

Trinity College Dublin

Christine Morris is Associate Professor in Greek Archaeology and History. Her main area of expertise is the archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age, and her research interests included the archaeology of Cyprus and specific themes related to community archaeology such as medical humanities, the ‘healing museum’ and the reception and re-imagining of the Bronze Age in the present. She can provide mentorship to the Fellow on how to combine archaeological and medical perspective into project, on gender issues and will facilitate the relationships with the various TCD Centres involved in LOGGIA.

Enrico Zanini

Università di Siena

Enrico Zanini is Full Professor of Archaeological Methods and Byzantine Archaeology at the Department of History and Cultural Heritage of the University of Siena. He is co-director of the excavation projects “Uomini e Cose a Vignale” (Tuscany, Italy) and “Byzantine District of Gortyn” (Crete, Greece). Among the other, he conducts research on the following topics: Roman posting stations; late antique cities and villas; Italian public and community archaeology. He is fully committed to support LOGGIA by providing mentorship to the Fellow and feedback on the activities to be delivered in Vignale.


Faye Sayer

University of Birmingham

Faye Sayer is Assistant Professor in Heritage and History at the University of Birmingham. She is specialised in the examination of the diverse impact that presentation and participation in heritage has on multiple stakeholders. Her research looks to find mechanisms to more objectively analyse the myriad of psychological and social impacts heritage has on individuals, including to their wellbeing. She is the Principal Investigator on a British Academy Funded Project ‘Heritage and Well-being: Creating Healthier Societies Through Heritage’. She is fully committed to the supervision of the Fellow for his secondment.

Kleanthis Neokleous

Silversky 3D VR Technologies LTD

Kleanthis Neokleous is Director of Silversky3D VR Technologies LTD and Multidisciplinary Research Group Leader at CYENS. He has a multi-disciplinary academic background in various fields including Virtual Reality and 3D graphics, Electronic Health (eHealth), Cognitive Psychology, Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Intelligent Diagnostic Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Control Engineering and Space Science and Technology. He is fully committed to the supervision of the Fellow for his non-academic placement.

Desmond O’Neill

Trinity College Dublin

Desmond O’Neill is Professor in Medical Gerontology. His research is focused on ageing and neurosciences, and their interaction with the humanities. Particular interests include arts, aesthetics and health, late life creativity, cultural gerontology, ethics, and the challenges of interdisciplinary working. He will support the Fellow in his synergy with the Trinity College Dublin Medical and Humanities Initiative.


Athanasios K. Vionis

University of Cyprus

Athanasios K. Vionis is an Associate Professor of Byzantine Archaeology and Art at the Department of History and Archaeology, and Director of the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus. His research focuses on landscape archaeology and archaeological survey, settled and sacred landscapes, GIS applications in archaeology and the use of space, pottery technology/production-circulation-use, food preferences and everyday life in the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. He is the co-director of the SeSaLaC and will support LOGGIA for the research planned in the ‘Xeros River Valley project’.

Elisabetta Giorgi

Università di Siena

Elisabetta Giorgi is a Research Fellow at the University of Siena. She co-directs the excavation project of Uomini e Cose a Vignale and is Head of M(u)oviMenti. Among her research topics there are the following: Roman posting stations; late antique villas; water-technology and supply in Gortyn; Italian public and community archaeology. She will support LOGGIA by facilitating the relationships with the stakeholders and the delivery of the activities in Vignale.

Paola Guglielmi

Azienda USL Toscana nord ovest

Paola Guglielmi is Head of the Complex Operational Unit of Psychiatry Livorno and Cecina-Piombino-Elba. She will support LOGGIA by facilitating the Mental Health Unit in the activities at Vignale.

Giorgio Albanesi

Azienda USL Toscana nord ovest

Giorgio Albanesi is Head of Adult Mental Health Unit. He will support LOGGIA by coordinating on fieldwork the Mental Health Unit in the activities at Vignale.

Marina Pavlou

Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics

Marina Pavlou is member of the CING Social Services.

Spyros Polyviou

Cyprus Alliance for Rare Disorders

Spyros Polyviou is Administrative Officer at the Cyprus Alliance for Rare Disorders.