Active participation and therapeutic encounters

A seminar for the Centre for Community Archaeology of Queen’s University Belfast on evaluating community archaeology and wellbeing


22 November 2022


In the seminar Active participation and therapeutic encounters: evaluating community archaeology and wellbeing, Francesco Ripanti presented on Italian community archaeology and introduced the operational workflow for the evaluation of participation in ongoing excavations, focusing on the case study of Uomini e Cose a Vignale. In the second part of the talk, he introduced in detail the LOGGIA project, framing it within the research context of archaeology and wellbeing, introducing the case study of the Xeros River Valley and presenting an outline of the activities.


Queen’s University Belfast, School of Natural and Built Environment – Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Centre for Community Archaeology, ArcPal Lunchtime Seminar Series


Invited by Prof Eileen Murphy and Dr Colm Donnelly, this seminar was a very good opportunity to present LOGGIA to colleagues from the well-known Centre of Community Archaeology of Queen’s University Belfast. The ArcPal Lunchtime Seminar Series is an established format and both PhDs and student (20-25 people) followed the talk. Francesco received questions and remarks on a number of themes linked to public participation in archaeology, and archaeology and wellbeing.

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