Therapeutic Landmarks

A lecture on archaeology and wellbeing introducing ΑρχαιοΛογικά, our Cypriot programme, and presenting the preliminary results of the Italian programme ArcheologicaMente


30 October 2023


Francesco Ripanti presented Therapeutic landmarks: Linking community archaeology and wellbeing in the Mediterranean, reporting the preliminary results of the wellbeing programme ‘ArcheologicaMente’, delivered in Vignale (Italy) in September 2023 and introducing the ‘ΑρχαιοΛογικά’ programme, delivered in the Xeros Valley (Larnaca district) in November 2023.


Stelios Ioannou Learning Resource Centre, as part of the 60th Public Lecture Series organised by the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus


Invited by Prof. Athanasios Vionis, the lecture has been a very good opportunity to present LOGGIA to the Cypriot community. A range of students, archaeologists and members of the general public (about 40, in person and online) attended the talk. Francesco received questions and remarks on issues of impact assessment and means of evaluation and on the programme ArcheologicaMente.