‘Disability’ or ‘this ability’?

A short presentation introducing LOGGIA for an event on disability organised by the UNESCO Transcultura programme


2 December 2022


LOGGIA took part in the event ´Disability´ or ´this ability’? Advocating for cultural rights in the post-COVID era, part of the programme Transcultura: Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity, implemented by UNESCO and funded by the European Union. Francesco Ripanti framed LOGGIA within the research context of archaeology and wellbeing and provided some recommendations to policy-makers to advance in the inclusion and social wellbeing of people with disabilities, in the cultural and creative fields.


UNESCO – Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, online


Invited by Alejandro Guma Ruiz, Programme Officer for Transcultura, this event was a very good opportunity to present LOGGIA and its approach to archaeology and wellbeing to a mixed audience living in the Caribbean. Moreover, among the other speakers there were singers, policy managers, private companies and others; to this extent, the event reached a non-academic audience and LOGGIA took advantage of it. The fact that the event was organised by a prestigious organisation as UNESCO and funded by the European Union were other good motivations to take part in it.

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