Archaeology on prescription

A lecture for the Classical Association of Ireland Dublin Brunch Series on archaeology and wellbeing


13 December 2022


In the lecture Archaeology on prescription: how the material past can make people feel better, Francesco Ripanti presented a detailed overview of how culture can have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing, starting with discussing the main outcome of the recently published CultureForHealth report. The second part of the lecture focused on the LOGGIA project, its approach to archaeology and wellbeing, and a discussion on the work to be done in the two case studies.


Classical Association of Ireland, online


Invited by Prof. Alexander Thein and Lisa Doyle, this seminar was a very good opportunity to present on culture, archaeology and wellbeing to an audience of non-archaeologists (20 people) and get feedback from different perspectives . Francesco received questions and remarks on the approach behind the activities, the logistics and the methodology.

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