Set the Scene

A presentation on active engagement in archaeology and wellbeing given at the Well-being through Archaeology and Heritage Symposium


7 March 2023


In the paper Set the Scene: Situating Active Engagement in Community Archaeology and Wellbeing, Francesco Ripanti introduced in detail the LOGGIA project from the perspective of active engagement.

Over the past twenty years, research has shown that there is no single way to design, implement and evaluate community archaeology programmes. The dimensions of active engagement are defined by social, cultural, institutional and legal components, the specific needs of stakeholders, and the capacity of a project, which vary according to the setting.
This paper explored how active engagement depends on the setting in which archaeology-based interventions focusing on wellbeing take place. By drawing on the ongoing experience of the LOGGIA project in the Mediterranean, and comparing it with some key British practices, it offered a reflection on the mutable nature of active engagement.


Bournemouth University, Well-being through Archaeology and Heritage Symposium, part of the AHRC-funded project Scaling-up Human Henge in association with the Council for British Archaeology and Historic England.


Organised by Prof Tim Darvill, Prof Vanessa Heaslip and Dr Kerry Barrass, this symposium was a very good opportunity to present LOGGIA to a range of experts (about 100) working on wellbeing from private and public, and academic sectors. Francesco received questions and remarks on a number of themes linked to public participation in archaeology and active engagement within the Mediterranean context.

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